Decorative stainless steel sheets are used in architectural elements, interior decoration, the yachting industry and wherever expectations of above-average aesthetics and durability are combined. Stainless steel sheets provide high resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, and mechanical damage while the process of coloring, polishing or grinding stainless steel sheets creates unlimited possibilities for the selection of colors and surface finishes.

Polishing of sheets and long products

(round tubes, flat bars, round bars). The Surface gets Mirror Face and Yacht type of shine. As a result, it gains consistent shine, comparable with the mirror. Both of the surfaces reach the highest quality standards;


glss-bead, ceramic-bead, high-grande corundum;

PVD/TIN colourde sheets

They are characterized by exceptionally high resistance to corrosion. Morover, colours are exceptionally durabe and regular on the entire surface;

Polishing and brushing

different grains and roughness possible, criss-cross and diagonal polishing, one and both sides, as well;

Sheets and antifingerprit surface

coating that protects against finger prints and stains. Morover, it is UV and deformative resistant;

3d deformed plates


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